Practice “Do it now !”

Are you planning to do some thing which you like the most for quite some time and waiting for the right time to start ? Are you constantly postponing or procrastinating you things to do ? If you are of the above type, then throw this habit of your’s in to the bin and start developing the habit ” Do it now” and start practising it. “Do it now” attitude if made a habit is a great energy and success multiplier to individuals and when used in the right essence and spirit for the right tasks had shown remarkable results.

Being up to date helps you to be current with your tasks and actions. This gives you a sense of feeling and belief that you are totally in charge of the situation. This will also save lot of energy as your attention remains focussed and you will avoid the habit of re visiting one thing number of times. Staying focussed helps you to complete the work on your hand relatively faster and your productivity improves.

If you are a productive person, your time is the most constrained resource and by practising “Do it now”, you will free up lot of time from your schedules and the same can be utilised for pursuing various tasks of your interest.

While there are many other positives and I think will make an elaborate list. However, if you have any good thing to share on the benefits of “Do it now”, do share with a comment.


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