Wish I have something like : SHIFT + DELETE

If any thing is bothering you and making you to be restless  and loose your cool?

Flush out the thoughts that are bothering you from your mind.

But how quickly can we do that ??

I wish this can be as easy as I have written these lines.

I know that it is very difficult in practice.

One can try to regroup their mind by doing some thing which they really enjoy or passionate about.

I am writing this post just to switch my  restless thoughts.

I see that its working.

What to do next ?

Goodnight everyone !!


2 responses to “Wish I have something like : SHIFT + DELETE

  1. Shift Delete is too dangerous, Simply reboot your system and delete the temporary files. Run fragmentation tool and keep your processor in a cool dry place. Search for potentially harmful activities and mark them as spam. Install an antivirus to prevent further loss.
    Hope all that made sense to you.

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