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Thinking about future

When we stare at our future, what feelings does it generate in us ?

A feeling of hope, bright prospects, happyness around, a sense of being a big success in whatever we do, adrenalin rush to do good things quick and fast… or……A feeling of fear about what is going to happen to us, whether we shall be successfull or not ? what will we be doing ? How we will cope up ?

For both the situations, our mind generates supporting answers based on its current state.

If we feel that we are in charge and control of your future, we shall probably end up with the first set of feelings of hope, bright prospects etc. If we feel like we are not in control, then we are set to end up with the feelings of worry, a sense that we are going to loose in the future. I strongly believe that many of us are worried about our future in our thoughts by merely relying upon the permutations and combinations that our mind does based on the current information & mindset thereby generating some answers. Our thoughts and mind continue to be judgemental on our future and make us either feel happy about or get worried in the present.

Often when we travel to our future from the past, we end with surprises. Some times with pleasant ones which makes us happy and sometimes with the ones which make us feel negative. But we have only a very little control for both the outcomes which are primarily based on our actions and surrounding factors.

While the above logic appears commonsensical, and while the general advise shall be to not to worry about the future, most of the times, we end up suffering in the present worrying about our future.


Wish I have something like : SHIFT + DELETE

If any thing is bothering you and making you to be restless  and loose your cool?

Flush out the thoughts that are bothering you from your mind.

But how quickly can we do that ??

I wish this can be as easy as I have written these lines.

I know that it is very difficult in practice.

One can try to regroup their mind by doing some thing which they really enjoy or passionate about.

I am writing this post just to switch my  restless thoughts.

I see that its working.

What to do next ?

Goodnight everyone !!