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Effective @ Work

The ultimate satisfaction one can get at work is when they have a sense of belief that the work is done very effectively. For being effective at work, I believe the following are very essential :


The more definite and focused you are, the easier it is for you to make better decisions on your priorities and the use of your time. The more you spend on your most important work, the more you accomplish, and the better you get at accomplishing even more.


Take responsibility for your work, for every aspect of your job. The people who ride high in their field are the people who act as if they own the place. They see themselves as self employed. That is the reason they are always the most appreciated and respected people in the company.


The mark of an effective person, or the real professional, in any field is that he takes far more time to prepare than the average. When you are preparing, get the facts not the obvious facts, the apparent facts, the assumed facts, or the logical facts. Facts don’t lie. Check and double check. In other words, it can be said that ‘Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation.’

Work on Priority

To achieve great results, you must always be concentrating on the small number of activities that contribute the greatest value in terms of work. Always decide what is the most valuable use of your time? And whatever it is, work on that. Your ability to discipline yourself to work on those few tasks can make the greatest difference between effective or ineffective team member at work.


Every great leap forward in life is preceded by a clear decision and a commitment to action. The people who have achieved great feats are not necessarily those who make the right decisions, but they are those who make their decisions right. They accept feed back and self-correct. They are always decisive, always moving forward, never wishy-washy or vacillating in their attitudes.

Put your best efforts

Nothing will bring you to the attention of your superiors faster than your developing a reputation for being a hard worker. Your commitment to hard work creates a force field of positive energy around you that attracts positive people and greater opportunities into your life. You must be working on high value tasks and activities aimed toward the accomplishment of meaningful and important goals.


Always ask these questions to yourself. Why am I on the payroll? What specific, tangible, measurable results are expected of me? There will never be enough time to do everything that you have to do. Only by stretching yourself can you discover how much you are truly capable of. It is therefore the efficiency in which you complete the job that matters.

Have Persistence

Your ability to persist in the face of setbacks and disappointments is your measure of your belief in yourself and your ability to succeed in your  professional life. When you demonstrate to yourself and to the people around you that you have the quality of self-discipline and self-mastery you will become absolutely indispensable and your effectiveness in the organization shall sky rocket.

Superb Execution

Set standards of excellence for yourself and for everyone who report to you. You also need to be ruthless about weeding out incompetence and poor  performance. Identify your core competencies and continuously look for ways to upgrade them to see that you and your organization are the best in the business.


People don’t buy products or services. They “buy” the people who are selling the products or services. First, you sell yourself as a likeable and creditable
person, and then you sell what you represent. Maintain and strengthen high quality relationships with internal customers (subordinates, colleagues, bosses, vendors) and external customers to see the company forging ahead.


If you wish to increase the quantity of your rewards, you must first increase the quality and quantity of your service. Your rewards in life will be in  direct proportion to the value of your service to company.

The above are few of the important things which if kept in mind and being followed at work will yield great results and dividends.

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Chase your dreams !

Do you Have a dream ?

If the answer to the above is YES, think of the following Questions :

Is your dream a visionary one ? Does your dream inspire to set your aims in the stars ? Does your dream motivate you to think the unthinkable ? Does your dream fills in you the confidence that you can  go ahead and achieve your dream ? Does your dream makes you positively excited about it ?

If you answer YES to some of the above or even one of the above, you are among the fortunate few who can make it big if the dreams are being pursued. As somebody very aptly put it : If the dreams are Chased !!

Every great thing ever existed on this earth has started with a dream. It has become a great thing because it was a visionary one. Something which others failed to see. The dream is followed with tough goals resulting in to tough plans to be executed. Execution of tough plans need great leaders and motivated resources to accomplish the goal in-spite of all the odds. The dream is being pursued very confidently with an attitude that, come what may, the dream will be achieved.

Chase your dreams, If you have One !! Write on a piece of paper and you may even share with your near and dear ones. Tell to your closed ones how do you plan to achieve it. A shared dream makes you to commit yourself to your dream and take you forward, closer to your dreams.

Have a dream and Write your own story.

If you don’t have any dream, Start dreaming now and have one for you. But for want of them, you will remain ordinary in your Life.


A visionary sees light in the dark.

Feeling ” ______ “

How do you feel now ? How do you feel when you are happy ? How do you feel when you are positively excited ? How do you feel when you are sad ? How do you feel when you are stressed ? How do you feel in pleasure ? How do you feel when you receive any award or recognition ? How do you feel when somebody is praising you ? How do you feel when your children play if you are a parent ? How do you feel when you are arguing with some one ? How do you feel when you are in “Bliss” ?  How do you feel when you are up against targets ? Everyone feel differently in each one of the above situations. Different, I mean, the feelings are on the opposite extremes.

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Practice “Do it now !”

Are you planning to do some thing which you like the most for quite some time and waiting for the right time to start ? Are you constantly postponing or procrastinating you things to do ? If you are of the above type, then throw this habit of your’s in to the bin and start developing the habit ” Do it now” and start practising it. “Do it now” attitude if made a habit is a great energy and success multiplier to individuals and when used in the right essence and spirit for the right tasks had shown remarkable results.

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DECLARE YOURSELF !! to the world

When someone asks, “What do you do?”  are you able to express yourself confidently or do you find yourself stumbling to answer? Not because you don’t know, but because you’re afraid to own it.  Because the idea of declaring yourself as “something” – a writer, an entrepreneur, a speaker, a professional – makes it all the more real. It puts a label on your work, your hobby, your passions, that sometimes seem impossible to live up to.

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Crab Mentality

Do you know that after the crabs are cought using crab traps and brought to the market, they are kept in open buckets alive. Have you ever seen what happens in a buckets of crabs ?

Crab Mentality was derived from how crabs are observed to climb over one another for survival in baskets or tubs or buckets used to contain them in wet markets. Crabs are observed to climb one another pulling each other down in the process.

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